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Arhoma, a Montreal bakery with some one hundred employees, needed a tool to make order-taking more efficient and to help it optimize its production of breads and pastries. As it couldn’t find an off-the-shelf solution to fit its industrial logic, the company turned to a bespoke Web application solution.

Web application

Increase in telephone order-taking capacity


Decrease in time required to train up new employees.

Process analysis
ASP.NET MVC development

The Web application developed by Spiria supports order-taking, production and delivery management as well as billing, all from a single data-entry operation. This user-friendly, quick and efficient solution simplifies processes, avoids errors and increases productivity, allowing the bakery to concentrate on what it does best: making exquisite products that its clients love.

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Arhoma must handle large volumes of daily orders from restaurants, hotels, boutiques, caterers, etc. The bakery wished to replace traditional paper-based processes with an application that would speed up order-taking while decreasing the potential for errors. Further, the system had to support the optimization of production volumes and track every order, from entry to billing through delivery.


  • Analysis of information cycle and internal processes.
  • Work on usability and user experience for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • System development.
  • User tests and performance measures.


User-friendly interface for quick and easy entry of all types of orders – recurrent, occasional, and special.
Order book to preview and plan production. At the end of the day, the system generates a complete production report including the quantities of each type of dough to make, optimizing overnight production.
Sales support tool displaying clients’ favorite products and flagging any change in ordering patterns.
Production and printing of all the invoices, order sheets and bills of lading for delivery crews.
Seamless interface with Sage 50 to transfer billing information to the accounting system.


Paperless processes and optimized information flow.
Customer service staff freed up to work on pitching new offerings and increasing sales.
Efficient, accurate and quick order processing.
Sharp drop in errors, from order entry to delivery through production.
User-friendly and intuitive interface for a short learning curve and quick autonomy.
Linking product units and production quantities supports the exact calculation of volumes of dough to produce, eliminating costly overproduction.

The software fulfills Arhoma’s specific needs thanks to a close collaboration with Spiria. User-friendly and intuitive, the Web-based system allowed the bakery to digitize its order processing, for greater speed, reliability and quality. Arhoma maximizes the performance of its production unit to supply Montreal’s best tables and indulge a growing foodie following.

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Rather than automating our production, we opted for a tool that would help us manage order taking, communication between different departments, and reduce errors affecting customer satisfaction. Spiria helps us save time and money, reduce team stress, and significantly improve productivity. We can devote ourselves entirely to the techniques of artisanal production and the quality of our products. It is a pleasure to work with Spiria. We are already looking forward to starting a new project.

Ariane Beaumont

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