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Your First Interview with Spiria

August 15, 2023.

You’ve sent us your resume, and we contacted you to set up an initial interview. What happens next? Laurence explains everything, starting with your first conversation with Spiria.

First off, you will get an invitation by email

Shortly after successfully submitting your resume (see our recipe for a tasty resume), you should automatically get an application receipt notification. Our talent acquisition team will review your resume within two to three business days. Should your skill set match our current needs, we will send you an e-mailed invitation for a thirty-minute video or phone call. Rest assured that we won’t call you without first setting up an appointment.


Identity theft being all too common, take care to protect your personal information during the hiring process by looking up our Culture & Talent team’s profiles on LinkedIn. We will never ask you to give us personal information such as your SIN or your financial information during the selection process.

Next, choose a time and day for our call

Once you’ve received our invitation to the initial interview, take another look at the job posting that you have applied for and the resume you sent us. You can also refer to Spiria’s website to find out more about our company. Let us know which day and time work best for you. Our talent acquisition team will do its best to be available when you are. Before confirming the day and time of your meeting with the team, make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a quiet space to speak freely.

And then, let’s talk

Our first meeting is an opportunity to go over the issues that are key for you and the job. We will ask you to tell us more about your current situation, your experience and competencies, the types of projects you have worked on, the technologies you are skilled in, and what other competencies you would like to develop. If you are bilingual, we may switch between French and English during our conversation.

We will also ask you about your salary expectations. As Spiria has developed a pay transparency policy, you can rely on the pay scale mentioned in the job description to steer the conversation.

During the initial meeting, the talent acquisition team will share a lot of information about the company, its values, the job itself, benefits, the teams’ composition, etc. Of course, there will be time for you to ask all your questions.

And finally, we will get back in touch with you

Normally, you will hear from us within a week. If your situation changes and you require an answer more promptly, feel free to contact the talent acquisition team. The next steps are the technical test (for software development jobs), and an online interview lasting approximately sixty minutes.

The job candidate’s experience of applying at Spiria is important to us. The talent acquisition team is available to answer your questions throughout the whole process.