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FAX makes a big comeback

March 25, 2021.

Since the announcement of the Montreal office’s move to the awesome Fabrik8 building, the question on everyone’s lips is How will we mesh telework and in-office work? Let’s see if we can unpack the new telecommuting policy.

We gave serious thought to our future needs and what our work life would look like after the pandemic. In addition to the new digs, we’ve invested in high-quality, ergonomic office furnishings and layouts. This was not an impulse decision; we took the time to visualize the lifestyle that awaits us in the Spiria office.

We sensed that after the lockdowns and the inevitability of telework, staff might need a little FAX (cute, right? 😉):

  • Flexibility
  • Autonomy
  • Experience

With FAX in mind, we tried to imagine our future as workplace Spirians and developed our philosophy on post-pandemic teleworking:


For the past year, we have been free to work where we see fit and to adjust our schedules accordingly. It’s a freedom we appreciate and there are no plans to radically restrict it. Rather, we’re giving it a framework. We are aiming for 50% attendance. Call it half the week, half the month, half the year: it’s all about flexibility. Working vacation? Knock yourself out.


With flexibility comes autonomy. You be the judge of when your presence is needed in the office. There’s no hallway monitor to take attendance and count days at Spiria. In fact, the criteria for making the call of whether to go into the office is as basic as CX and EX (Customer Experience and Employee Experience). The question to ask is this: “Will my being in the office help support my clients’ needs and my colleagues’ efforts?” Yes? Get in there. We know you’ll do the right thing. Trust is part of our corporate culture.


Since March 2020, we’ve spent time and money decking out our home offices. It won’t be easy to leave our creature comforts. Of course, fabulous offices will go a long way to win you over. So it’s time to recast office life. You’re not coming all this way to sit in a cubicle. You want to experience a workplace with a twist.

The Montreal campus with its fitness center and restaurant will give you exactly that Office 2.0 experience. Our office-culture team is planning happenings such as competitions, team lunches, happy hours, and other events that will bring us closer again. After a year of Zoom life, we’re ready for Real-life. We are craving unadulterated human interactions. We really believe that people want to see one another screenless and unfiltered. Remember when our conversations overlapped, interrupted, and paralleled one another? Just like bantering over a family dinner – and have we ever missed that too!