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 October 30 2015

This week's recap : Doorman, 9/11 from real close, Titanfall on mobile, the Microsoft Band 2, and the Teforia


Doorman, because people don't shop the same anymore

Even if people shop online more and more, the delivery part is still far from great. A package left by the door can be stolen (hey, it happened to us more than once!), or be exposed to the elements. Or else, it can be retained upon a missing signature or unpaid duty fees, which causes delays and headaches. An American startup cleverly thought about taking care of this for you: Doorman. Currently only available in San Francisco and Chicago (with a planned launch in NYC), it's a service that makes it possible for users to select a "Doorman Address" as a shipping point when checking out. Once they receive your package, the app sends a confirmation, and users can schedule a set delivery time that suits them, until midnight, 7 days a week! Even cooler: the app also partners with August Smart Lock, a smartphone-based door locking system, which enables users to grant the delivery people a temporary, one-time access so they can leave the package inside.

So THIS is virtual reality (perhaps even a little too real)!

Serious gaming, VR, documentary, controversial video game? It's hard to describe this shivers-down-your-spine projet. [08:46] is a fiction that lets users experience 9/11 from the inside. A chance to become a worker from the North Tower of the Wolrd Trade Center right when the first plane hits it. Insanity! Can be downloaded here for free.


Titanfall on mobile soon

Great news for afficionados of the genre: Tinfall, the mech-based, multi-player game from the creators of Call of Duty, will go mobile sometime in 2016. According to analysts, the app will probably be free, with payments possible along the game. The Tintanfall studio partnered with Nexon and Particle City, reportedly for a multi-game deal. Coming soon then on PlayStation 4, iOS and Android.



The Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft just launched the second version of its wristband/fitness platform/smart watch... While the first version was pretty much a disaster according to analysts, this one is... a step in the right direction. Plusses: un design slightly more comfortable and less fragile (including gorilla glass) and a better thought-of software. Minusses: a battery which life is still too short, very bulky hardware, the fact that its screen should be worn inside your wrist, and a genuine identity crisis... Conclusion: even if its features are very advanced and useful, it's probably best to wait a few more versions while MS gets it together.



An essspensive robot… for making tea

Making tea... For purists, it's an extremely delicate and precise ritual. So how can you make the perfect cuppa at home? Now, there's Teforia. The robotized machine is the work of Allen Han, who designed the Xbox 360 and the Kindle Fire before branching out on his own. The process to brew "the best cup of tea you ever had" takes 4 minutes, and involves selecting leaves, putting them in an "infusion chamber", and adding just the right amount of water at the exact temperature. Enthousiasts can even control it with their smartphone. This experience comes at a price though: you can now pre-order the machine for $649 US, and the price is expected to double after its official launch(!) Who loves tea that much?

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