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This week's recap: Das Skandal, Microsoft and Linux, ad blocking, watchOS 2, and Project Aura

Volkswagen's naughty, naughty pollution control software


Many experts deemed that Volkswagen's week has been apocalyptic, following DAS SKANDAL. The culprit: faulty pollution control software, including very elaborate hidden code enabling cheating during emission tests. While the vehicles were being officially tested, their engines worked at a reduced rate and their pollutant emissions were lowered. However, right after the certification, the diesel engines srtated emitting 40 times the nitrogen oxyde authorized by US environmental authorities! So far, almost 500,000 vehicles are impacted, and $18 B are at stake. Now that's what we call getting caught rot-handed. http://bit.ly/1itkQVH

Is Microsoft developing its own Linux?


Wild speculations went flying over Microsoft, stating that the giant developed its own Linux distribution, from its Azure cloud--based platform. What??? The recently unveiled project, called Azure Cloud Switch, was described my MS as "a cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux". Turns out, it rather looks like MS indeed developed some software, but only speaks of an "internal project," without distribution. According to analysts, this move is both "unsurprising" since that in this narrow technological realm, there are currently very few practical alternatives to Linux, and "surprising" given Microsoft's ongoing open hostility toward the Finnish open source system, even of they would like us to believe otherwise. http://bit.ly/1FhZzJv



Also in the news: the arrival of content blocking supporting platforms, namely, the new iOS 9. All online media outlets, big or small, are currently nervous: even if they are mainly considered a nuisance, ads are what finances the whole industry, AND what guaratees free content for users (including the ever-increasing share of mobile users). An interesting and insightful perspective: we should not forget that iOS 9's content blocking feature was not designed to slash all of the YouTubers' income, but rather to directly attack the Google revenue model. Google, it goes without saying, remains the most important ad provider on the Web worldwide, and the de facto "supporter" of online media, since these participate in creating content that benefits its SEO ranking system. The war rages on!  http://bit.ly/1NzuvWC

The new watchOS 2


Apple launched the second version of its Apple Watch OS, with a major feature for app developers... This version enables creating apps that run directly on the device, without the need to connect through a smartphone. Result: numerous possibilities for apps that can access the watch sensors, as well as work quicker and more seamlessly. Ironic fact: users will still need their iPhone to actually download watchOS 2. http://engt.co/1iyB2Fi

Google Glass is dead, here is Project Aura!


Even if Google definitively abandonned Google Glass, because of a lack of adoption, it doesn't mean that the company is forgetting all about that technology. Google just officially launched Project Aura, Glasses and Beyond, and started hiring. A new full-time recruiter has been found, and Aura hired at least 3 former senior engineers from Amazon Lab 126. To whom it may concern: no less than 30 positions have also been posted on the Google website. Project Aura should work on different wearable device and Internet-of-Things prospects, on top of the glasses. The new target would also be "more professional". http://ubm.io/1VcVqbz

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