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This week's recap: Apple news, an inkless Polaroid, the AdBlock Plus app, Android Pay now available in the US, a real mail "box"

The latest from Apple


Even if their latest keynote did not wow analysts and investors, Apple still presented a few interesting news. First, the new iPad Pro with 12.9 inch screen and powerful processor, which directly attacks the Microsoft Surface market... And which introduces what Steve Jobs always swore would never be part of his products: a stylus (called the Apple Pencil). Also noteworthy : a Siri-controlled Apple TV, and the upcoming launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, with their upgraded camera, able to shoot ultra-HD 4K footage, as well as "Live Photos," commonly known as .gifs for those not necessarily familiar with applespeak. http://on.mash.to/1KdaTGD

A new inkless Polaroid camera


New on the market : the Polaroid Snap. A product that will certainly delight the hipster crowd, with its bland of nostalgia and sleek, current design... The company seemed to be destined to obsolescence with the rise of the digital era, but now banks on the regretable fact that hardly any photos get printed anymore. The pictures taken with the camera get directly printed within a minute thanks to an inkless process developed by ZINK, using heat to activate and colorize polymer-coated cristals. It is possible to continue shooting during printing; a 32-GB memory also enables digital transfer. In 4 colors, $99. http://wrd.cm/1LcCog1


Adblock Plus is back

The ad-blocking AdBlock Plus software finally launched an app on iOS. The app is also back in the Google Play Store, for the first time since being pulled off in March 2013. The company really wanted this launch before the wide adoption of iOS 9, since this version will include a content blocking feature that could lead to increasing competition for its own product. The app benefits are numerous, according to co-founder Till Faida: a mobile Internet experience that's safer, more private, faster, and easier on the device batteries. http://tcrn.ch/1EOHuT6


Android Pay available in the US


Google finally hit back at Apple Pay by launching Android Pay, its own NFC mobile payment system, available from now on in over a millions point-of-sales locations in the US. The number of stores, restaurants, etc. that accept the payment mode should continue to grow rapidly in the next few months. On top of being compatible with the main US banks and credit cards, Android Pay also accepts loyalty and gift cards. Android Pay replaces the current version of the Google Wallet app, and Google will eventually relaunch an app focusing on peer-to-peer payments. Now, when will this kind of system launch in Canada? http://on.mash.to/1KH5xWv


The mailbox as... a box

French company Revolutek developed a mailbox, that for once, fits the bill both figuratively and literally. Own-Mailbox is currently on Kickstarter, trying to raise funding. This product is based on the premise that all widespread email providers can parse their user's data and analyze them for marketing purposes, and could be forced to forward email content to authorities. Their box is a personal mail server that can be transported, integrates seamlessly with existing email adresses, and promises absolute security and confidentiality. But better not lose the box! http://kck.st/1Lmxmxw

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