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 April 22 2016

Weekly Recap: Pink MacBook, Magic Leap, Matrice 600, AAduino, HoverCart, etc.

Rise of the Rose

MacBook rose

You dreamt it, Apple delivered: the 12-inch Retina MacBook is now available in pink, or “rose gold”, to be more precise. It sells for CA$1,550 for the 1.1-GHz, 256-gb model, or CA$1,900 for the 1.1-GHz, 512-gb model.

Ars Technica, “Apple spruces up its one-ported MacBook with Skylake and rose gold.”

Just Another Day in Augmented Reality

The elusive startup Magic Leap has just produced a video of what it thinks augmented reality could look like on a daily basis. The company says that no special effects or other visual effects have been used in the filming of this movie, using a prototype of their technology.

Mashable, “Magic Leap augmented reality video includes Snapchat and a new way to shop.”

DJI Matrice 600

The Matrice 600 (M600) is DJI’s new flying drone designed for professional aerial photography and industrial applications. Maximum payload is 6 kg. From 4 599 USD.

PetaPixel, “DJI debuts its most powerful drone yet and a versatile new gimbal.”

Arduino, AA-LR6-Sized


Johan Kanflo has come up with a clone of the Arduino card the size of an AA battery, complete with an ATMega328p megacontroller cadencé à 8 MHz. The Arduino is powered by two AA batteries, while the card communicates through an RFM69C ISM radio module. Brilliant!

TechCrunch, “Mad scientist shrinks Arduino to size of an AA battery.”

Johan Kanflo, “The AAduino.”

Antbo, the Hexapodal Robug

Antbo is a small educational robot with a “sixy” design loosely based on hexapodal insects. It is currently available as a preorder on Indigogo for US$69.

Indigogo, “The World’s First Insect Robot Designed for Anyone with An Inquisitive Mind.”

Shocked and Alarmed

Shock Clock

Shock Clock is a bracelet that will rouse you by electrocution. This shocking gadget communicates via Bluetooth with your phone, on which a preloaded application (iOS and Android) allows you to program your alarm. If you prefer to start your day on a less amusing footing, you can also set it to ring or vibrate.

Indigogo, “Shock Clock.”


Spanish mattress company Durmet has created the Smarttress, a mattress that claims to track any lovin' that happens when you're not in it. The mattress can tell the difference between your dog jumping on it and people having sex.

Igeneration, “Smarttress : le matelas cafteur contre l’infidélité.”

HuffPost, “Smarttress can tell you if your partner is cheating on you.”



Move over HoverBoard, here comes the HoverCart, the latest smart and hip piece of camping equipment. With this gear, you’ll be the envy of the campground! Also available with a cooler trailer attachment.

Mashable, “Hoverboards are over, but the HoverCart is kinda genius.”


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