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Weekly Recap: iPhone 7 photo leak, Pokémon GO smashes records, who are Amazon’s Mechanical Turks, IoT and road safety, etc.

Pokémon Go Smashes Every Record

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is now the game with the highest number of daily active users ever, topping 21 million, beating Candy Crush’s 2013 record. Even in countries where the application hasn’t been released yet, a notable number of people have installed Pokémon Go by downloading the APK file. We couldn’t not talk about it, though we’re already tired of hearing about it, despite the fact that it’s ‘not yet available’ in Canada.

TechCrunch, “Pokémon Go tops Twitter’s daily users, sees more engagement than Facebook.”

iPhone 7 Photo Leak

iphone 7 leaked image

Rumours point to the disappearance of the audio jack, water resistance, slimness, wireless charging, fingerprint recognition on the display and several other features. However, it seems that changes to the camera will have to wait. It is rumoured that five iPhone 7s are currently in circulation for testing purposes.

Digital Trends, “iPhone 7 rumors and new leaks.”

Who are Amazon’s "Mechanical Turkers"?

Mechanical Turk

Most of Amazon’s "turkers" are millennials with a college diploma equivalent. They earn less than minimum wage, making around 5$ an hour on average. As a comparison, Uber drivers earn 13.25 USD per hour on average.

Recode, “Amazon’s Mechanical Turkers are college-educated millennials making less than minimum wage.”

How can IoT and artificial intelligence make our roads safer?

Traffic light

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people die in car accidents. The total cost of these road disasters and accidents, if you include medical costs and loss of productivity, is pegged at 152 billion dollars per year. IoT and artificial intelligence provide solutions to lower the risks, and costs, of such incidents.

Techcrunch, “How IoT and machine learning can make our roads safer.”

Report on e-waste Recycling

What happens to our gadgets after we send them to e-waste recycling plants? The Verge has produced a great story on the subject, following the path of a minute part of the millions of pounds of gadgets that New Yorkers toss every day.

⇨ The Verge, “E-waste Empire.”


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