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 November 04 2016

Weekly Recap: Mobile Internet usage, Roli’s Blocks, CMRA band, Project Felix and Yumi

Worldwide mobile Internet usage now exceeds desktop

Internet Usage Worldwide, 2009-2016.

Internet usage by mobile and tablet devices exceeded desktop worldwide for the first time in October according to web analytics company StatCounter. However, there are significant differences between countries. For example between India where mobile consultation represents 75% and France where 70% of consultations are on desktop. In Canada it is 65% on computer and 39% on mobile.

Internet Usage Canada, 2009-2016.

StatCounter, “Mobile and tablet internet usage exceeds desktop for first time worldwide.”


Roli’s Blocks

Roli Blocks are a modular, progressive medium of musical creation. These modules are connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone or iOS tablet, which can be connected together thanks to magnetic connection. The Lightpad Block is a square touchpad equipped with 225 LEDs. The Live Control Block and Loop Block boast several controls which dispense with interfacing with the iOS system. Roli Blocks will appeal to novice and professional musicians, and everyone in between. The Lightpad Block is being sold for US$180, while the other two Blocks are priced at US$80 each. The Noise application is complimentary. Roli is already well-known to musicians due to its Seaboard keyboard.

Ars Technica, “Roli Blocks are expressive multitouch musical instruments for everyone.”

Roli, “Blocks.”



Apple Watch’s CMRA band boasts not one, but two cameras: a 2MP one for selfies, and an 8MP one. It comes with a charging station capable of charging both watch and band simultaneously, packing 8GB of storage and connecting to the watch and to an iPhone through WiFi and Bluetooth. Batteries will support about one hundred shots or 30 minutes of HD video before needing a recharge. The band and charging station should be available by next spring for US$250. Pre-orders will run you US$150.

PetaPixel, “This high-tech watch strap adds two cameras to the Apple Watch.”


Project Felix

At its annual meeting, Adobe introduced Project Felix, an application that brings 3D image design within reach of graphic artists. The programme excels in integrating 3D elements in 2D visuals, such as photography. The Auto-Lights feature automatically generates 3D lighting based on the light detected in the photo. Adobe should be launching the beta version before the end of the year. The beta will be made available for free to its Creative Cloud clients.

Creative Cloud blog by Adobe, “Introducing Project Felix: 3D Tools for Graphic Designers.”



Yumi is a small home robot equipped with Amazon’s Alexa technology. With a 5-inch, 720-pixel touchscreen “face”, it stands at a height of 30cm, moving around on wheels that allow it to pivot upon itself. Available in black or white, it will be sold for US$350 on Indiegogo for a March 2017 delivery. 

Engadget, “Amazon Alexa is now a small home robot thanks to Omate.”


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