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Weekly Recap: Bezos to the Rescue, Blackberry Renaissance?, Unkillable Email, etc.

Jeff Bezos puts the Washington Post on the right track, but…


The good news is that since Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, the paper’s revenue from digital streams has spiked to 60 million dollars. The bad news is that it needs an operating revenue of some 500 million to be viable. The upshot is that the budget is rumored to be cut by 50% over the next three years. Like most other newspapers, the majority of the paper’s revenue comes from print subscriptions, which are dwindling. In a bid to create new revenue streams, the Washington Post hopes to license its Content Management System (CMS), hoping, perhaps optimistically, to generate an extra 100 million dollars’ income.

Recode, “Jeff Bezos is saving the Washington Post, but he won’t be able to save newspapers.”

Does BlackBerry Stand a Chance in the IoT?

While Brexit is throwing the world into confusion, Blackberry is keeping calm and carrying on. Though the world Blexited years ago, Blackberry isn’t dead yet! Unlike other companies that claim to have an Internet of Things strategy, BlackBerry actually has the hardware needed to capitalize on IoT.

ReadWrite, “Could Blackberry have a real chance in IoT?

The Pleurobot, a Robot that Mimics the Gait of Vertebrates

Having studied the gait of the Pleurodeles salamander, the École Polytechnique de Lausanne has created a robot that mimics a spine. This study has added to our knowledge of the role of the spine in controling movement, eventually leading to the development of new treatments for paraplegics and amputees.

The Verge, “This skeleton robot salamander just wiggled its way into my heart.”

Windows 10 Updating Methods found to be Abusive

Windows 10

Microsoft has had to pay a California woman $10,000 over an unwanted Windows 10 upgrade, which left her computer unusable for days and causing lost income. Though Microsoft denies any wrongdoing, the company decided to drop its appeal in order to avoid further litigation expense.

Ars Technica, “Unwanted Windows 10 upgrade costs Microsoft $10,000.”

Unkillable Email


New technology is emerging at ever-increasing speeds, transforming the way we communicate. Among the many recent entries are so-called “email killers”. The reality is that email usage is still very much on the rise, for both professional and personal purposes. According to a Radicati study, by 2019, 2.9 billion people will use email, up 10% from 2015. Over the same period, the number of business emails sent and received per user per day will increase by 14%. Ironically, the so-called email killers rely on email and add to the number of emails sent.

TechCrunch, “You can’t kill email.”


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