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Design News, May 2018

May 4, 2018.

Each month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s UX/UI design team share their finds.

A free, online Photoshop-like resource

If you want to create or touch up an image with a program that almost perfectly mimics the look and feel of Adobe Photoshop, look no further than psdfiddle.com. You can create a new project or open an existing one in “.PSD” (Photoshop), “.XCF” (Gimp) or “Sketch,” or even in JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.



A tangled web of software design choices


Today, designers have a wealth of choice when it comes to applications, especially when compared with the previous decade, when Adobe dominated the field. This article asks: is the proliferation of visual design software actually useful, or is it simply confusing?

Webdesigner Depot, Ben Bate, “From fireworks to framer: is software choice good for design?


Artboard Studio packaging mock-ups


The Artboard Studio web application allows you to create and visualize 3D product packaging designs. On the site, you can request access to the “pre-launch” version of the application. You can also create these types of designs using Adobe Dimensions.

Artboard Studio.


DSGN: showcasing quality websites


DSGN bills itself as “a showcase of damn fine, high standard websites. It’s a place to discover, collect and come back to the sites you love, and share the sites you’ve made or found.”



When you think about design, focus on concept


In design school, designers are trained not to follow aesthetic recipes, but to focus on the concept that underlies the project. This article explains and describes the term “concept,” meaning the central, original idea, and the foundation upon which all design projects should be based.

Archknow, “What is a design concept? How to master it?


Sharpening your eye for design


It’s well known that artists and professionals in creative fields must be keen observers. The Renaissance masters created their masterpieces based on observational principles and practices, as well as quasi-scientific analysis. According to this article, designers too must foster this ability to analyse and observe, leading them to closely examine every last detail and develop an eye for design.

Archknow, “How to develop an eye for Design.”