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Design News, March 2018

March 16, 2018.

Each month, Michel Karam and Spiria’s UX/UI design team share their finds.

Are microframes the future of wireframing?

Are microframes the future of wireframing?

Microframes are the bonzai version of wireframe mock-ups. This article addresses the new prototyping approach that provides a high-level treatment of interfaces and their use.

Creative Bloq, “Are microframes the future of wireframing?.”


The future of the Web is… Email

The future of the Web is… Email.

Google believes that the future of the Web is Email. According to them, smartphones will be all about this communication tool which was born way back at the Big Bang of the Internet.

Co.design, “Google thinks the future of the Web is… Email.”


CommArts winners of Interactive Design

CommArts winners of Interactive Design.

See the winners of the Interactive Design category of Communication Arts magazine’s yearly competition. And while you’re at it, have a peek at the winners in the other categories.

Communication Arts, “Interactive Gallery.”


Google Flutter in beta mode

Google Flutter in beta mode.

At the last World Mobile Congress, Google announced that Flutter, its new UI framework for developing native interfaces for iOS and Android applications, is now available in beta mode. Free and open-source.

YouTube, “Google Developers, Introducing Flutter.”


Moqups: prototypes and site-maps

Moqups: prototypes and site-maps.

Moqups is an on-line tool that’s not exactly new on the prototyping application market. But this solution offers a “Plan” function, to create a project’s structure and hierarchy in flowchart/site-map mode.



An entire library dedicated to interactive design and usability

Interaction Design Foundation.

The Interaction Design Foundation has dedicated an entire, rich section of its Web site to the history, features and principles of interactive design, usability and what is now called “user experience”.

Interaction Design Foundation, “Literature.”