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Xbox Two?

June 10, 2019.

Xbox E3 2019 Showcase.

Xbox E3 2019 Showcase. © Microsoft.

Thanks to the E3 show, this week is gaming news week. Microsoft capitalized on this major show to reveal a few details on the successor to the Xbox One. Code-named “Project Scarlett”, the console should launch in 2020, in time for the Holidays. At the event, we learned that reduced loading times are a major focus for Microsoft’s next console hardware. The company said the system will sport high-bandwidth GDDR6 RAM, and a “new generation of SSD” will act as “virtual RAM”, leading to “more than 40 times performance increases over the current generation” when it comes to data bus bandwidth. No details were given on the Zen 2 AMD processor with RDNA graphics technology that will power the machine. Microsoft said the system would support 120fps, variable refresh rate, resolution up to 8K and “real-time hardware accelerated ray-tracing”.

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