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October 28, 2020.

Xbox Series X fridge up for grabs

Xbox Series X fridge.

Snoop Dogg seems to enjoy his new refrigerator. © Microsoft.

Since the release of the Xbox Series X almost a year ago, the Internet has been rife with sardonic references to its fridge-like size. So Microsoft doubled down and actually created an Xbox Series X fridge, proving that the console is, in fact, much smaller than a fridge. The fridge is an exact, oversized replica of the Xbox, standing 1.8 meters high and weighing some 180kg. It even has an Xbox logo at the front that lights up, and the Xbox Series X boot sound fires up when you use the disc drive slot to open the fridge door, while the inside glows green. While Microsoft values this fridge at USD499, the same price as the Xbox Series X, you won’t be able to purchase one. Instead, Microsoft is giving away one of the Xbox Series X fridges in a competition, with a winner being picked on November 4th. To enter, just follow their Twitter account (@xbox) and retweet the competition announcement.

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