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January 06, 2021.

Windows 7 heaven

Windows 7.

Windows 7. © Microsoft.

A year after Microsoft officially ended support for Windows 7, a determined population of PC users are still hanging on to this operating system launched in 2009. According to ZDNet, at least 100 million PCs are still running on this obsolete system. To get to this number, the ZDNet writer used, among others, data from the United States Government Digital Analytics Program, which publicly reports statistics on visits to federal websites. In 2020, the proportion of PCs running Windows 10 has gone up from 75.8% to 87.8%, while the Windows 7 count has dropped from 18.9% to 8.5%. Even though this percentage seems low, it still translates to tens or even hundreds of millions of persons who, by choice or necessity, are using an outdated, vulnerable system.

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