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July 15, 2021.

Windows 365

Windows 365.

Windows 365. © Microsoft.

At the Microsoft Inspire conference, Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 365 service, a cloud version of Windows 10. It’s an easy-to-use virtual machine that lets you access your own Windows installation from any device, whether a Mac, a Linux PC, an iPad tablet or an Android device. Windows 365 works on any current web browser or through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop application.

This solution will no doubt interest many companies facing the complexities of remote work, with employees requiring secure access to company networks. As the entire Windows PC is in the cloud, employees don’t need to navigate VPNs or worry about security on personal devices. Each Cloud PC can access an impressive internet connection, with 10Gbps download speeds and 4Gbps upload speeds. Though pricing isn’t yet officially announced, we know that for a US$ 31 monthly subscription, Microsoft will offer 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, though Microsoft will also offer many different configurations (including at least twelve at launch).

YouTube, “Introducing Windows 365.”

The concept is not new for Microsoft, who has been offering businesses the Azure Virtual Desktop virtual machines for some time now, but the 365 solution is simpler and more user-friendly. As of August 2, you’ll be able to simply go to Windows365.com and choose the virtual machine configuration that suits your needs.

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