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Vivaldi for mobiles

October 1, 2019.

Vivaldi UI.

Vivaldi UI. © Vivaldi Technologies.

No, we’re not talking about shuffling the Four Seasons on your telephone. We’re talking about the browser named after the great Venetian composer, developed by former Opera employees, with admittedly low market share despite the software’s many qualities. This elegant multiplatform desktop browser (Windows, MacOS, Linux) offers extensive customization options targeted to power users. Today, Vivaldi Technologies extended its offering to mobile, using Android (sorry, iOS!). One of the neat things about this new mobile version is that it offers the same synchronisation service available for desktop versions. This means that users can synchronize information saved in a Vivaldi web browser (such as bookmarks, parameters, passwords and browsing history) with a Vivaldi on another device. Vivaldi Android Beta is available for download on Google Play. If you’re wondering whether Vivaldi Mobile really is worth a try, Scott Gilbertson from Ars Technica shares his impressions in the very interesting article hereunder.

Ars Technica, Scott Gilbertson, “Most mobile browsers display the Web, that’s it—Vivaldi Mobile can change that.”