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October 08, 2020.

Unreal Engine on-board

Unreal Engine HMI.

Unreal Engine HMI. © Epic Games.

Talk about diversifying in new directions! Fortnite creator Epic Games is partnering with General Motors to use its Unreal Engine game development platform to build in-car software. The first car to use Unreal Engine’s human-machine interface (HMI) tools will be GMC’s first electric Hummer, which will be unveiled on October 20. In a press release, the company said, “At Epic Games, we’ve long been interested in the way the requirements for HMI development overlap with those of game development. Much of the functionality required to create HMI systems has been available in Unreal Engine for some time.” Epic Games has put together a team of artists and engineers dedicated to HMI to support all car builders interested in using Unreal Engine for their onboard interfaces.

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The Verge, Nick Statt, “GMC’s all-electric Hummer will be the first car with software built using Epic’s Unreal Engine.”


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