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January 21, 2021.

Ubuntu on Mac M1

Apple M1 chip.

M1 chip. © Apple.

Corellium, the company that virtualizes iOS for security testing, has ported Linux to run Ubuntu natively on the Mac M1. It has a complete tutorial on its site and there’s a Github repo (corellium/linux-m1) that you can download the kernel from. Following the steps, you’ll end up booting directly from USB-C and you’ll get a fully functional Ubuntu desktop. Network functions and USB, I2C and DART support are provided via a USB-C dongle. However, there are other limitations, for example no support for GPU acceleration, meaning that the port relies on software rendering. Also, components like neural processors are probably not used. And running ARM Linux as a VM inside Parallels or VMWare is probably simpler, but not native. Still, it’s a good show. Last November, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, said: “I’ve been waiting for an ARM laptop that can run Linux for a long time. The new Air would be almost perfect, except for the OS.” His wish is granted: Linus can now order his MacBook Air. Finally, there is a community project underway to port Linux on M1: Asahi.

Ars Technica, Samuel Axon, “Ubuntu Linux is now running on M1 Macs.”



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