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July 13, 2022.

Toasty batch of emojis

New emojis in 2022.

New emojis in 2022. © Emojipedia.

You’ve been looking forward to summer if only for World Emoji Day on July 17. Emojipedia specialists have compiled and published sample designs for 31 hot new emojis that should appear in the 15.0 version of the Unicode standard with an upcoming September release date. Some of the tasty emojis we’re excited to see pop up on our phones and other devices: new heart colours (light blue, gray, and pink), a donkey, a blackbird, a moose, a goose, a jellyfish, a ginger root, a hyacinth, a peapod, a foldable fan, and maracas. Though emojis usually elicit the most comments in a Unicode standards release, version 15.0 also adds 4,489 new characters, including ones for the Kawi script (Old Javanese) and Nag Mundari alphabet of the aboriginal Munda people in the State of Jharkhand in India. The Unicode 15.0 standard supports a total of 149,186 characters, including 3,664 emojis counting all variations such as skin color and hair styles.

Ars Technica, Andrew Cunningham, “High-fives, colorful hearts, and a horrible goose top a short list of new emoji.”


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