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 September 10 2020

The Surface Duo has surfaced

Surface Duo.

Surface Duo. © Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Surface Duo, a dual-screen Android phone, is now available. Announced last October, it’s Microsoft’s first phone since the scrapping of the Windows Phone platform five years ago. This expensive device (USD1,400) has two separate 5.6-inch OLED displays with a resolution of 1800x1350p each, connected together with a 360-degree hinge. The Surface Duo is bulky (145.2mm x 186.9mm x 4.8mm when closed) and heavy (250g). Other specifications: two versions, 128GB and 256GB; 6GB of RAM; Snapdragon 855 processor; 3,577mAh battery; single camera (11 megapixels); fingerprint reader for user authentification; supports any Surface Pen; just one port, USB-C. It remains to be seen whether the Duo, which is neither standard phone nor tablet, will find its niche.

Ars Technica, Samuel Axon, “Microsoft’s first Android phone, the Surface Duo, is now available.”


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