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April 27, 2021.

Secretlab’s Magnus desk

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk.

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk. © Secretlab.

Secretlab, the well-known Singaporean maker of gaming chairs, is diversifying its offer with a desk designed for gamers. The steel Magnus desk comes in two lengths: the 150 cm (≃59 inches) version is available now for pre-order, though only in the United States, the European Union and Singapore to start, while the smaller 120 cm (≃47 inch) model is still to come. The depth of the tabletop is 70 cm (≃27.5 inches) and the height of the desk is 73.5 cm (≃29 inches, adjustable up to 75.5 cm). A narrow, lidded trunk running the length of the back tidily stores all your cables, power supplies, USB hubs, etc. You decide where the magnetic accessories retain your cables so that your phone’s charging cable doesn’t slip to the floor. An optional, magnetic faux-leather mat clicks precisely to the steel surface. And since we’re talking about a product for gamers, an optional 96 RGB LED strip with a remote-control casts a rainbow strip along the back edge of your desk.

YouTube, “The all-new Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk.”

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