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September 28, 2022.

Scribble with Kindle

Kindle Scribe.

Kindle Scribe. © Amazon.

Shortly after Amazon updated its entry-level Kindle e-reader, it’s launching Kindle Scribe, a new device that is both a reading and writing (or scribbling) tablet with a pen. As with other last-gen Kindles, the 10.2-inch screen features a 300 ppi screen for crisper characters and 35 LEDs for remarkably uniform front lighting, compared to 25 with the Oasis, 17 with the Paperwhite, and just 4 with the entry-level Kindle. Amazon says Scribe’s battery life lasts twelve weeks based on a half-hour of daily reading, but only three weeks of half-hour daily writing.

Kindle Scribe is priced at 430 CAD (340 USD) for the 16GB model and is currently available for pre-order with delivery on November 30. The most expensive model with 64GB of memory and a “Premium” pen goes for 510 CAD (420 USD). Kindle Scribe competes directly with devices like the ReMarkable 2, which is about the same size but with a mere 226 ppi and costs more (550 CAD, 400 USD).

Ars Technica, Andrew Cunningham, “Amazon’s $340 Kindle Scribe is its first e-reader with handwriting and pen support.”


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