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 October 02 2020

Runaway code

Software porgrammer.

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Sourcegraph, a company specializing in universal code search, polled more than 500 North American software developers to identify issues in “Big Code” complexity and management. Its general findings are, among others, that the volume of code generated by your average organisation or developer has skyrocketed over the last ten years. More than half of the developers surveyed report a growth (as measured in mebibytes) of more than a hundredfold. Further, the complexity of languages, tools and processes used to deliver software is also growing. The full survey can be downloaded here in PDF format, but you’ll have to give your name and email address to do so.

Ars Technica, Jim Salter , “Sourcegraph: Devs are managing 100x more code now than they did in 2010.”


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