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Boston Dynamics’ Spot.

Spot. © Boston Dynamics.

Robot-maker Boston Dynamics is finally ready to sell its four-legged robot, Spot, outright. After years of development, the company had started leasing its robot last year, but only today has it started allowing American companies to actually purchase it, for USD74,500 (CAD101,342), or a tad less than the price of a Tesla Model S. Delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks (and it’s free!). Spot comes with two batteries, a charger, a tablet controller and a case for transportation. Michael Patrick Perry, vice president of business development at Boston Robotics, said that Boston Dynamics will implement a strict user guide for its robot, which cannot be used to carry weapons or to hurt or intimidate people. Which is far from reassuring; how can a company control the use of its product once it’s out of its hands?

IEEE Spectrum, Evan Ackerman, “Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dog now available for $74,500.”


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