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Razer peripherals for small budgets

March 14, 2019.

New Razer gaming peripherals.

New Razer gaming peripherals. © Razer.

Razer is launching three new gaming peripherals: a keyboard, a mouse and a headset, all of which are affordable, compared to the usual prices. The low prices don’t mean low quality, but rather reduced functionality in comparison to more expensive models. The mechanical keyboard is an update of BlackWidow and is offered at US$ 120. The Kraken headset, priced at US$ 80, is also an update of a previous model, the Kraken Pro V2. The Basilisk Essential Mouse is based on the design of the original Basilisk. It has seven configurable buttons and will cost US$ 50. Good news for gamers with smaller budgets or for those who want to make their money go further.

Circuit Breaker, “Razer splits hairs with cheaper, slightly better new peripherals.”