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 September 08 2020

Razer gum


Respawn. © Razer.

Razer’s latest gaming accessory is… chewing gum. No, really. This is an actual product unveiled by the company better known for its peripherals and laptops for gamers. Called “Respawn”, this gum is said to boost concentration and reaction time in games… sounds dope! Developed in collaboration with 5 Gum from Mars Wrigley, it comes in three flavours: cool mint, tropical punch, and pomegranate watermelon. It contains green tea extract and vitamin D, the key ingredients that would make Respawn the ultimate solution to “take your mental performance to the next level”. Razer says — earnestly — that the gum was developed with an “extensive amount of R&D ”. The gum is available starting today on and on Amazon at USD3 per 15-stick pack or USD28 for a 10-pack. Last but not least, this gum is black, like most of Razer’s peripherals and laptops.

The Verge, Cameron Faulkner, “Razer’s latest edible product is chewing gum made for gaming.”


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