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October 22, 2020.

PS5 for playing and streaming

PS5 media remote.

PS5 Media Remote. © Sony.

Sony’s next console is going to be much more than a plain video-game system. In a blog post on Thursday, the company confirmed that several popular streaming services like Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, MyCanal, Netflix, Peacock, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube would be available on the PS5. (For some reason, HBO Max is glaringly absent from this list). However, on actual launch day, November 12, just 6 applications will be available: Apple TV (which is also coming to the PS4), Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch and YouTube. All the other services will be available at a later, unspecified date. Additionally, Sony confirmed that the four previously unmarked buttons located on the dedicated PS5 Media Remote would serve as dedicated launch buttons for Disney Plus, Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, as you can see pictured above. The remote will launch at the same time as the PS5, on November 12, for USD30.

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