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 September 16 2020

Price and date announced for the PS5

Sony PS5.

The 4 currencies that matter in the world. © Sony.

After the announcement of the price and availability date of the Xbox Series S and X last week, we finally know more about the PS5: Sony’s new PlayStation consoles will hit the market from November 12, two days after the Xbox. The PS5 will cost USD500, and the “all-digital” version (i.e. without a Blu-ray disk drive), USD400. An extra DualSense controller will cost USD70. Pre-orders are already available at some retailers. Six exclusive titles will ship alongside the device: Astro’s Playroom (pre-installed), Demon’s SoulsDestruction All StarsMarvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (plus the Ultimate Edition), and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. Some of these games will also launch later in PS4 version. Sony claims that 99% of PS4 games will operate seamlessly on the PS5.

Ars Technica, Kyle Orland, “PlayStation 5 event: $499 with a disc drive, $399 without, on Nov. 12.”


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