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April 24, 2019.

Phone art

Deconstructed iPhone 5.

Deconstructed iPhone 5. © Incorporeal.

Who doesn’t have an old phone they’re not using, because it’s either obsolete or broken and not worth fixing? Why not turn it into wall art? This is what Reddit user TheIncorporeal has done, patiently taking apart an old iPhone, glueing the parts onto glass and framing it. The result is aesthetically pleasing, especially to a tech geek. TheIncorporeal reoffended with other iPhone models, including a 5, a 4s and a 4, with the same pleasing result. If the painstaking process of picking apart a phone and artistically arranging its components on a piece of glass sounds like too much work for you, you can always email TheIncorporeal directly. The photos of his work were such a hit that he’s turning his idea into a business and is doing commissioned work.

Mashable, “Your dead iPhone can live on as beautiful artwork.”


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