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 September 11 2020

Office buzz

Busy office.

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Long ago, we would complain of motormouth colleagues, of noisy keyboards and of the myriad office noises that affected our concentration, forcing us to wear a headset at work. Now, after months of teleworking, alone in a quiet house (now that the kids are back at school), we’re actually missing the office soundscape. Not to worry, sound engineer Stephane Pigeon is here! The creator of, a background noise generator designed to help you concentrate on your work, has developed an office buzz simulator called “Calm Office”. You can adjust the volume of certain sounds, like the purring of the AC, the clicking of keyboard keys, or the droning of the printer. Pre-pandemic, people would use myNoise, especially its white noise generator, to isolate themselves from the office environment and concentrate. Now, the most popular product on myNoise is the office buzz that we’re all missing. This is like opposite year.

MIT Technology Review, Tanya Basu, “People who really miss the office are listening to its sounds at home.”


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