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 September 03 2020

New Intel logo

Intel logo.

New logo. © Intel.

Intel has had a few setbacks lately, being ditched by Apple and experiencing ongoing problems with its 7nm process. Perhaps to cheer itself up, it has treated itself to a revamp of its logo, for just the second time in its entire 51-year-history. The first logo dated back to 1969 (the company was founded in 1968) and reigned until 2006, when it was updated for the first time. This third logo is similar to the first, except that the “e” sits on the baseline and the “t” is slightly different. The colour palette remains blue-toned, but brighter and with extended variants. Intel says that the iconic, five-note “bong” will stay, but that a “modernized version” will make its debut later this year. This new branding coincides with the launch of the new 11th generation Core processor (Tiger Lake) and a new Intel Evo certification for portable PCs (aka Project Athena) based on 25 performance and responsiveness tests.

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