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January 12, 2021.

N95 Razer mask

Project Hazel.

Project Hazel. © Razer.

The well-known maker of gaming computers and accessories already sold cloth masks for USD30, but, ahead of CES, Razer announced a far more ambitious project: a N95 mask with a transparent front to show the mouth (useful for communicating with deaf persons). The mask, code-named Project Hazel, has a microphone and external speakers so you can easily be heard. It has replaceable air filters on either side, with active ventilation that’ll block up to 95% of airborne particles, including COVID. When not in use, the mask goes in a charging case that sterilizes it with UV light. No release date or price have been announced. However, N95 masks must meet stringent certification standards to ensure filtering efficiency, a process that can take quite a while. And, last but not least, it comes with RGB LEDs. It wouldn’t be a Razer otherwise!

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