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October 05, 2021.

Leaving your print on YubiKey Bio

YubiKey Bio.

YubiKey Bio. © Yubico.

Yubico introduced a series of hardware keys that let you log in with your fingerprint, which is attractive given how tedious it is to type passwords. Of course, the YubiKey Bio (as in, “biometric”, not “biological”) still gives you the classic option of entering a PIN when you’re wearing gloves or your fingers are wet. These keys support the latest FIDO2/WebAuthn and U2Fopen authentication standards to which Yubico contributes, so they work perfectly in Windows, macOS, Linux and ChromeOS. They also work out of the box with various enterprise platforms, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure Directory, Citrix Workspace, Okta, and Duo. The YubiKey Bio has a three-chip architecture, where the fingerprint is stored separately and securely, which Yubico says provides stronger protection against physical attacks. The USB-A version of the YubiKey Bio costs US$ 80 and the USB-C version costs US$ 85.

Ars Technica, Scharon Harding, “New Yubico security keys let you use fingerprints instead of passwords.”



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