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November 18, 2020.

Learn to play with Roli

Lumi Roli.

Lumi. © Roli.

Lumi is a tiny electronic keyboard with just two octaves and keys that light up to help you learn to play the piano in a fun way. It connects through Bluetooth to a tablet or phone that displays, Guitar Hero-style, the keys you should be pressing, and for how long. The touch-sensitive keys also light up in rainbow colours to act as a musical guide. Lumi comes with an internal battery so you can use it on the go. Should you need more octaves, just connect several keyboards end-to-end, using the magnetic connectors. While the teaching power of this method is debatable, one thing is for sure: Lumi makes playing fun, and quickly takes you past “Chopsticks”. Developed by Roli, the startup best known for its Seaboard keyboards and Blocks beatmaking accessories, the Lumi is going for USD300.

Lumi Roli.

The Verge, James Vincent, “Roli Lumi review: a portable keyboard that lights the way for first-time musicians.”


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