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December 23, 2020.

Kentucky Fried Chicken gaming oven – or cooking console


KFConsole. © Cooler Master Technology inc..

We thought that after 2020, nothing could surprise us. And yet… At first, we thought it was a hoax, but no, they’re serious. The KFConsole, a joint venture between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Cooler Master, is a PC based on Intel’s NUC 9 with an innovative feature on a computer: a “Chicken Chamber”, or a pull-out drawer that keeps your KFC chicken wings nice and toasty. The Chicken Chamber is an integral part of the PC’s cooling system: the heat generated by the machine is piped to the chamber, keeping your machine cool and your chicken warm. The console can handle virtual reality games and provide seamless gaming with its 4K, 240fps display, according to Cooler Master. It is equipped with an Asus RTX graphics card and two 1TB Seagate BarraCuda SSD. The availability date and pricing have not been announced, but given the specs, we expect the KFConsole to sell for a finger-lickin’ USD2,000.

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