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May 10, 2022.

iPod (2001-2022) R.I.P.

Apple iPod, fifth generation.

Apple iPod, fifth generation (2005). © iStock.

An Apple icon and one of the world’s best-selling electronic gadgets has reached the end of the road. The company announced the discontinuation of the iPod Touch, the last model still sold in its line of digital music players. A release published on Tuesday says that it will sell the current Touch, released in 2019, “while supplies last”. The seventh iteration of the iPod Touch, unlike previous iPods, looks a lot like an iPhone, but without the cellular calling feature. Though Apple no longer makes music players per se, the company says the “spirit of iPod lives on” in all its music-streaming devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and HomePod Mini. The product line has seen many variations since the first iPod’s appearance in 2001, including the Mini, Shuffle, Nano, and more.

Apple iPod, first generation.

Apple iPod, first generation (2001). © iStock.

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