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October 13, 2021.

iPad and Windows PC odd couple

Luna Display.

Luna Display. © Astropad.

It’s an odd couple, but it might still work. Astropad’s Luna Display is a dongle you plug into your PC to turn an iPad into a wireless external monitor for a Windows machine. The device’s most interesting feature, however, is that you can use the iPad as an (expensive) drawing tablet, with the support of the Apple Pencil. You plug the dongle into a port on your PC (HDMI or USB-C), then install an application on your PC and another on your iPad. Luna Display requires Windows 10 64-bit, Build 1809 or later and at least iPadOS 12.1, according to Astropad. The device costs USD 130 and comes in two PC models with port options for HDMI or USB-C. Note that USB-C units are also compatible with Macs.

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