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Intel flattens the 6GHz barrier

January 12, 2023.

13th Gen Intel Core.

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Intel just launched its fastest desktop processor to date, blowing past the 6GHz barrier at stock speeds for the first time. With Intel’s Thermal Velocity Boost technology, the new Core i9-13900KS (S stands for “Special Edition”) is the first processor to reach this frequency without overclocking. As for the rest, the processor is very similar to the 13th generation 13900K, with the same 24 cores (eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores), 32 threads, 36MB of Intel Smart Cache and 20 PCIe lanes (sixteen PCIe 5 and four PCIe 4 lanes). A significant drawback: the processor uses a lot of energy. Intel mentions 150 watts base power and 300 watts in turbo mode. A robust cooling system is required to be sure to have the promised performance... Are the extra 200MHz worth it? You call it. The 13900KS is now available for 700 USD, compared to 590 USD for the 13900K. 

YouTube, “Sneak Peek: 6 GHz Intel Core Out-of-the-Box Demo

The Verge, Tom Warren, “Intel breaks the 6GHz barrier with $699 Core i9-13900KS processor.”


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