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 September 30 2020

Hold for Me

Hold for Me.

Hold for Me. © Google.

It’s bad enough to be put on hold for what seems like hours on end before you can speak to a banking adviser or a customer support rep. But it’s even worse when companies and governments force terrible music on you while you’re waiting... Google has tackled the problem and pulled out the big guns (artificial intelligence!) to save you from synthesizer versions of Vivaldi and other wretched elevator medleys. Available as a preview on Google’s new Pixel 4A and Pixel 5 devices, the Hold for Me Android feature lets Google take over your call while you’re busy being productive, without having to listen to the so-called music on speakerphone. When a human being finally deigns to take your call, you will be alerted with a sound, vibration, and a notification on the screen while the representative is asked to please hold, so you can take the call.

Hold for Me.

The Verge, Barbara Krasnoff, “Google’s new ‘Hold for Me’ feature saves you from elevator music.”


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