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November 06, 2020.

Return of Fortnite on iOS

Fortnite on iPhone.

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Thanks to the cloud, platform-related gaming differences are becoming more nebulous. This is why Fortnite could come back to iOS through a more circuitous route: the on-line gaming platform GeForce Now. The Nvidia service hasn’t yet been announced for iOS, but the BBC says that an announcement should be made by the end of the year. GeForce Now will apparently run in Safari, the web browser, rather than as a standalone app, because of Apple’s restrictions on game streaming services. Apple banned Fortnite in August after the game’s developer, Epic, added an in-app purchases option that offered lower prices but didn’t give Apple its typical 30 percent cut. Since then, the two companies have been locked in a truly “epic” legal battle. Apple so far has won a ruling that allowed it to continue blocking Fortnite.

The Verge, Jacob Kastrenakes, “Fortnite will reportedly be playable on iOS again through Nvidia’s GeForce Now.”


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