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February 01, 2021.

Ford runs on Android

Ford-Google Partnership.

© The Ford Motor Company.

Car maker Ford said it will use Google’s Android to power the infotainment systems in millions of vehicles under the Ford and Lincoln brands starting in 2023. That means Google’s voice-activated Assistant, Google Maps, and other automotive-approved Android apps will be available in Ford’s cars. However, vehicles sold in China will not have the system, since Google is banned by the Communist regime. As for iPhone people, don’t despair: Ford’s system will still be compatible with Apple CarPlay, and Ford will continue to offer Amazon’s Alexa as an option as well. The announcement is part of a partnership with Google that goes well beyond just onboard infotainment. Ford and Google will create a new group called Team Upshift, comprised of employees from both companies that will be tasked with finding other areas of innovation. David McClelland, Ford’s VP of strategy and partnerships, said this may include projects ranging from modernizing Ford’s plants through vision AI, or developing new retail experiences when buying a vehicle. Ford joins Volvo, General Motors, and the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance in striking a similar deal, making Google a major player in the automobile industry.

The Verge, Andrew J. Hawkins, “Ford says ‘millions’ of its vehicles will run on Google’s Android starting in 2023.”



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