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January 21, 2021.

Edge gets its colours done

Forza Horizon 4 theme.

Forza Horizon 4 theme. © Microsoft.

To celebrate the first birthday of its Chromium-based browser, Microsoft is introducing 24 colorful themes for the Edge interface. Most of them showcase Xbox games, like Halo, Gears, Forza, MS Flight Simulator, Sea of Thieves, and others. These new themes will include colors on new tab pages, tabs, the address bar, and other parts of the Edge browser. Microsoft is also updating the icons used throughout Edge to better match the company’s Fluent Design system. The changes in Edge aren’t just fun and games, though; Microsoft is adding in some useful features, too. For example, the browser will now automatically release system resources for inactive tabs when you have a number of tabs open, which will help new tabs run better or stop the browser from hogging memory and CPU resources in the background. Also, the password manager was revamped to make it more useful. Finally, Edge history and tab sync is available to everyone across devices, including iOS and Android. Happy birthday, Edge !

The Verge, Tom Warren, “Microsoft Edge gets new colorful themes, sleeping tabs feature, and password manager.”



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