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November 25, 2020.

Dumpster fire of a year 🔥

Email a Dumpster Fire.

Email a Dumpster Fire. © Basecamp.

To cap off 2020 on-brand, Hey email service came up with an idea that set the Internet on fire. Send a heart-felt email to dumpsterfire@hey.com, expressing, for example, your feelings about 2020. Your email will be automatically printed out and the sheet of paper will be transported on a conveyor belt to a dumpster fire. A video on a Web site that looks like it’s right out of the 90s shows your message going up in flames live. Hey says its experimental service is cathartic. Try it out, and turn on the sound, the music is cool and relaxing! Secret Pro Tip: if you send your message from a hey.com address, your message skips the line! Cognizant of the environmental impact of its experimental service, Hey says it is offsetting by 3x every bit of CO2 this creates via Cool Effect. This way, you can send all your negative thoughts up in smoke, while doing some good for the planet. 🌳

HEY Email Research Lab, “Email a Dumpster Fire.”


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