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January 10, 2022.

Disassembling the Surface Laptop SE

Disassembling the Surface Laptop SE.

Disassembling the Surface Laptop SE. © Microsoft.

Usually, when you want to see a step-by-step teardown video of a Surface device, you turn to iFixit or other tech YouTubers. But today, Microsoft’s Surface YouTube channel posted its own teardown video for the Surface Laptop SE, an inexpensive education-focused laptop. In the video, Microsoft engineer Branden Cole completely disassembles the laptop (using iFixit tools, no less…) while commenting each step as he goes.

Microsoft’s Surface lineup was long known as difficult to repair, due to the extensive use of glued and soldered components. That has started to change in recent years, with Microsoft adding user-replaceable SSDs and other tweaks to make its machines easier to take apart and put back together. Under pressure from shareholders, Microsoft promised to step up its repairability in the future, and this video is clearly part of that effort.

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