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January 06, 2022.

Dell 4K screen and webcam

Dell U3223QZ.

U3223QZ. © Dell.

Dell is expanding its line of UltraSharp monitors with a new 4K model, unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Its integrated webcam, which is also 4K (with a Sony 4K HDR Starvis CMOS sensor), is unique on the market. Dell says the camera’s tilt is adjustable to 20 degrees and can switch between 65, 78, and 90-degree fields of view. The monitor has a USB-C port that Mac users will appreciate, a 31.5-inch (3840 x 2160px) IPS panel, and two built-in 14W speakers. The refresh rate caps at 60Hz and there is no support for variable refresh rates, which make this monitor less than ideal for gamers. The target audience is probably more creatives and teleworkers who do a lot of videoconferencing. The device can also act as a USB hub with its five 10Gb/s USB-A ports. Dell says the monitor, which goes by “U3223QZ” (Dell’s product names are appealing and punchy as ever), will be available from March 29th. The price has not yet been announced.

Ars Technica, Samuel Axon, “Dell’s new UltraSharp 4K monitor has a monstrous 4K webcam built in.”


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