Carbon mouseprints

Logitech Carbon Impact Transparency.

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Logitech, the well-known maker of keyboards and mice, plans to inform consumers of the carbon impact of its products. Labels with this information will appear on its gaming products by the end of the year, with a goal of eventually extending labels across its full product portfolio. The number you’ll see on the label represents the total carbon life cycle of the product. That indicates the amount of carbon emitted in the entire life of the product, including in the sourcing of a product’s materials, in its manufacturing, in its distribution, in the actual use of the product, and in its disposal and recycling. Logitech will be calculating carbon impact internally, but will work with third parties including Natural Capital Partners, iPoint Group, and an independent verifier to verify and validate product-level carbon impacts to DEKRA certification standards. In December, Logitech announced other sustainability initiatives, including that its entire lineup of gaming products was carbon neutral. That means Logitech cut down on the amount of carbon emissions those products produce and offset whatever was left.

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