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July 12, 2022.

Bringing back the Nokia 8210

Nokia 8210 4G.

Nokia 8210 4G. © HMD Global.

TBT! Nokia, or rather HMD Global, which manufactures devices under that brand, unveiled new phones. These include the Nokia 8210 4G, a modernized and 4G version (as its name indicates) of the 8210 model released in 1999, a very small and ultra-light phone (79 g!) which was very successful at the time. This new model is perfect if you want a phone that you can slip in any pocket and want a battery life superior to so-called smart phones. It delivers 25 days of standby time and six to eight hours of call time, depending on the kind of network it’s using. You can also send texts, play games (Snake and Tetris, check), listen to the radio or to MP3s via a MicroSD card for storage. The Nokia 8210 4G has a camera with a DEL flash, but don’t expect anything spectacular with the 0.3 MP (640 x 480) resolution. The device comes in three colors (sand, dark blue and red). The price hasn’t been officially revealed, but it should go for around 80 EUR (105 CAD). The Nokia 8210 4G should start appearing in late August.

Nokia Phones, “Nokia 8210 4G.”


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