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September 29, 2022.

Autodesk and Epic Games team up


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Autodesk and Epic Games are dreaming stuff up again. This time, they’ve enhanced Autodesk software Revit, used by many architects, engineers, and designers to concept, document and deliver building and infrastructure projects. Revit integrates Epic Games’ Twinmotion to breathe life into plans with real-time 3D rendering using common gaming technologies such as ray tracing, ultrarealistic environmental animations, a huge library of 3D assets to fill the environments, and more. The new tools also integrate VR to take people on digital tours of an incomplete or as yet nonexistent building, for example. Since images are worth a thousand words, the video below will give you an instant grasp of what Twinmotion and Revit’s collaboration has in store. Twinmotion will soon be available at no extra charge to Revit, AEC and Flex subscribers.

YouTube, “Epic and Autodesk join forces to accelerate real-time experiences.”

The Verge, Jess Weatherbed, “Gaming tech can be used to walk through buildings before they’re even constructed.”


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