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July 13, 2022.

Android 13 around the bend

Android 13.

Android 13. © Google.

Google just released the fourth and last public beta version of Android 13, giving developers a good preview of upcoming changes so they can ready their applications. Google’s announcement warns that Android 13’s official release is “just a few weeks away,” which is earlier than expected. Android 12 came out last October and Android 11 in September 2020.

Not much is new with this update as the previous beta delivered platform stability. Features already present in previous beta versions include support for the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, new interface options, a photo picker that limits which images an app can access, and a permission to cut down on unnecessary notifications. If trying this “release candidate” sounds like your thing, head over to Google’s developer site. You’ll need a Google Pixel (4, 5 or 6) or a similar device from one of its partners.

The Verge, Jon Porter, “Final Android 13 beta arrives ahead of its official launch ‘in the weeks ahead’.”


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